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Welcome to Ukraine

Welcome to Ukraine
Прием туристов в Украине
Прийом туристів в Україні
Annahme der Touristen in Ukraine
welcome to Ukraine
“Welcome!” – The Ukrainian people traditionally meet their guests with these words and treat them to bread and salt. For travelers Ukraine is a new and unknown destination with rich culture and traditions, where ancient history is closely intertwined with modernity. Although Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe in the times of Soviet Union our country has been closed for the mass visits of foreign tourists.
Nowadays the situation has changed and tourism is developing rapidly – high grade hotels and resorts are being built, restaurants are being opened, sightseeing tours are being developed. Ukraine is a country where people want to come back more and more and every time they find something new there. Kyiv, Lviv and Western Ukraine, mountains and the unique culture of the Carpathians, holidays at the seaside in Crimea and Odessa – you can have a good rest here as well as try some active tourism. Moreover, Ukraine is considered to be one of the most attractive countries for investments that open opportunities for business.
You can find different categories of tours on the website of the “Zima-LETO” travel company. You can always choose any tour you like from the list of the popular tours and book an unforgettable journey to Ukraine taking into account the number of days and your budget.
We would be grateful to offer you a personal tour. Just let us know about your preferences, the approximate number of days you plan to spend on the tour, the hotel you would like to live in, meal option…
“Zima-LETO” tour operator would be grateful to offer you all the necessary travel services for a comfortable and unforgettable rest on the territory of Ukraine! Our company will do our best to make your tour memorable and hopes you will have only positive impressions about beautiful Ukraine!
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добро пожаловать в Украину!
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